Toyota from the Inside?

I've been acquiring and editing books about the production system, culture, and tools used at Toyota for many years now. Some of these books were written by leaders formerly employed by the automaker, and most are analytical and explanatory.

It was quite refreshing to read this
article on the Kentucky.com site about a book written by Tim Turner, a team leader at Toyota's Georgetown plant. The book, titled One Team on All Levels: The Story of the Toyota Team Members, compiles true narrative stories composed by actual Toyota employees illustrating teamwork, principles, leadership, and values. All proceeds from the sales of book will be donated to the Toyota benevolent fund, which helps team members in times of need.

It quite interesting to read what working at this Georgetown plant actually means to this cross section of team members. This book gives a glimpse past value stream maps and A3s and reveals a part of the "on the ground" culture of dedication -- to improvement and each team member.

The writing of the book started in 2008, so the recent recall and associated developments at Toyota are not addressed in the book, but as Turner states in the article, "... the chapter's not yet written for our company, and we're all in the right mode."

Has anyone read this book yet? Feel free to share your thoughts.


Mark Graban said...

I've seen the book, as someone at the Lean Enterprise Institute office has a copy. Looks like a nice little book.

Unknown said...

I am in the process of reading One Team On All Levels right now and find it to be very enlightening on the Toyota way of doing things and what team work really is. It is an inspiration and heartwarming book and I always look forward to sitting down with it for a few minutes each day.

Anonymous said...

I have written a story in this book, been at the plant for 21 years, we have been thru allot as other manufacturing plant, but we have appreciated the things our company has done for us and others, putting Team members first, we not perfect here, but it works and has been successful. Mr.Turner is very passionate about this book and other Team member sto offer his help and support. Good stories to read. Thanks.

Jim Baran, Owner Value Stream Leadership said...

Thanks for bringing this title to my attention. Table of contents looks interesting: http://amzn.to/9qVf2P

I have spoken in the past to some of the members listed. Look forward to reading.

Jim Baran - Value Stream Leadership