3P at GE

According to this article posted on Business Wire portal, all major products manufactured by GE at its appliance and lighting facility in Louisville, Kentucky will be developed using Lean techniques. More specifically, the company is embracing a 3P (production, preparation and process) strategy.

It appears that Dirk Bowman, GE Appliances manufacturing leader, has the correct outlook and expectation because he states that "the journey will take several years to fully implement" and realizes that a Lean initiative is not merely a quick fix or a simple program to exploit short-term profits.

3P is a powerful tool that often results in the elimination of multiple process steps and dramatically reduces rework. Have you used 3P in the product development process?


Anonymous said...

GE's lean efforts aren't exactly something to be proud of. Here's one take by Bill Waddell:


He follows up with a couple more posts.

Mark Welch said...

It will take G.E. more than a few years. Their whole Jack Welch philosophy is engrained at G.E. and it is the anti-Christ of Lean. I worked for his offspring at another company, so my experience is vicarious, but I'd guess they're going to use lean tools, such as the 3P, within their sphere of Welchism. The tools approach never succeeds.

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