Canadian Politician: Elect Me Because I am Lean

In what may be a first, and is certainly a first to me, a Canadian politician is claiming that his work with lean manufacturing makes him a better leader.

Mark Taylor is running for the federal council of the Green Party in Canada. The council is the party’s governing body.

Like other candidates for the council, Taylor responded to a questionnaire they were all sent. An engineer by profession, he referenced lean manufacturing in describing his qualifications.

My company is a practitioner of Lean Manufacturing and I am learning skill sets there that are directly applicable to the Green Party. Consensus building, constant improvement and the efficient use of resources are just three of many tools in the Lean tool box that will help.

I know nothing about Canadian politics, and I am not endorsing the candidacy of Taylor or anyone else.

But I hope Taylor’s comments are an indication of growing respect for lean principles.

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