Book Talk: Learning Packages

Today I want to discuss the learning packages we sell, and hopefully spark a dialogue about what types of learning materials you would like to see.

The learning packages are based on our popular Shopfloor books, a series of easy-to-read paperbacks, each focused on a specific aspect of lean. With clearly written copy and illustrations, these are a useful learning tool for employees on the shop floor.

To facilitate their use in training or instruction, for many years we have sold some of the more popular Shopfloor books in learning packages. A typical learning package includes five copies of the Shopfloor book, a Leader’s Guide, one copy of another relevant book, and additional materials on CD. Learning packages generally sell for $350 to $375 each. (In some cases, the Leader’s Guide can also be purchased separately.)

The packages we offer include:

The question I have for those of you who work on the shop floor is whether this type of package appeals to you, and whether there is any other type of package – with different materials, or a different format – that would be of equal or greater interest.

As lean advocates, we at Productivity Press recognize that we need to focus on providing value for our customers, and that our customers define value.

What do you value?

Do you have a question or comment about a book(s) that you would like addressed in Book Talk? Email me directly at Ralph.bernstein@taylorandfrancis.com.


darrint said...

I value free learning, and books priced at $20 - $40 I can pick up at Borders.

Rick Foreman said...

We recently completed a book study with Identifying Waste on the Shop Floor for our Plant Managers and lean champions. I like the simplicity in delivering the message in a way that makes sense with the most and least skilled within our manufacturing processes. We're flowing that training out in correlation with Gemba walks and seeing good results. I believe the Shop Floor series is priced a little high and would be utilized more if it was more in the $15.00 range.