Book Talk: Freedom from Command and Control

I’m posting Book Talk a day early this week, because of the holiday tomorrow. And in the spirit of Independence Day, I thought it might be appropriate to write about Freedom from Command and Control: Rethinking Management for Lean Service by John Seddon, a book originally published in 2005.

Why? Because the word “freedom” is in the title. Because this book talks about the importance of not being dictatorial, and having employees engaged and involved – maybe not to the point of being a democracy, but certainly in a collaborative way. Even the cover of the book is red, white and blue.

But seriously… Seddon demonstrates that decision-making based on purpose-related measures (such as putting customers first and improving services) can help managers reconnect with operations, see waste, and exploit opportunities for improvement.

This book is focused on service industries. Seddon argues that service is fundamentally different from manufacturing, and shows how Toyota production principles must be transformed for application in service organizations.

For those of you who work in service, this book can be a valuable addition to your library.

Happy 4th of July!

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