Lean Jobs: Think Green

If you have the ability to combine lean approaches with efforts to become greener, you have some real opportunities in today’s job market.

That is another major takeaway from my conversation with Adam Zak, head of Adam Zak Executive Search, which I discussed in my last posting.

When I asked Adam if there were any particular industries that were hiring, he said, “Companies that will stand to potentially benefit from this dramatic move to green, however you want to define that. We’re seeing a lot of funding going on, with venture capital firms. It’s unbelievable how many of these green-type ventures they’re funding.”

And Adam said funding is taking place for all types of green companies. Generally, he said, “In some way, shape or form, they either help companies measure or abate or solve environmental-related issues. The environment has become not just saving the planet, but a business issue. Those companies are definitely hiring tremendously.”

Lean can clearly play a key role in green efforts, something I’ve written about before, since both lean and green can help eliminate waste.

In addition to startups, Adam said there is another type of company where lean and green connect.

“Within established companies, they are starting to connect the dots between lean and green. What we’re seeing here, just at the very beginning, is companies saying it’s not just about lean. In some companies, lean has become its own silo, which is kind of a paradox, because lean is about breaking down silos.

“They’re trying to connect product design, R&D, and connect with green from the resource management perspective – to figure out how this actually affects our customers, and everything involves supply chain. Do we have the people within our organizations to connect those dots? A lot of times the answer is coming up no. “

We are developing books having to do with lean and green. One that will be released this summer is Green Intentions: Creating a Green Value Stream to Compete and Win by Brett Wills.

Are you finding lean-and-green opportunities in the job market? Share your experiences below.

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darrint said...

I dunno. If the VC money is pouring in it's starting to smell bubble-icious.

I can just about guarantee that VC's are funding a lot of cash-in-quick companies with only paper green benefits and no clearly understood customer to even care about.