Book Talk: Modeling and Benchmarking Supply Chain Leadership

With global operations, our military forces face daunting supply chain challenges. One result is that some of their people become experienced supply chain leaders.

Joseph Walden is one of those leaders, and he has written Modeling and Benchmarking Supply Chain Leadership: Setting the Conditions for Excellence. This new book provides a roadmap for supply chain managers to become supply chain leaders.

The book details those qualities that can serve as benchmarks for measuring leadership success. It also provides a historical look at leadership in supply chain management, with original interviews of leaders in industry and government across three continents.

Over 29 years, Walden served in a variety of military supply chain positions that included designing and establishing a multi-million square foot distribution center in Kuwait to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and serving as the director of the US Army’s senior leadership school. Since retiring from the Army, he has led the Supply Chain Leadership Institute, served as a consultant to FORTUNE 500 companies and provided leadership programs for colleges and professional organizations.

His expertise makes this a valuable book for any supply chain professional.

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