Book Talk: Green Intentions

Green Intentions, by Brett Wills, is one of our first books focusing on the relationship between lean and green – which, as I and others have said, is almost certain to be a fast-growing area.

Wills, a senior consultant with High Performance Solutions and director of the Green Enterprise Movement, has solid experience in manufacturing, lean, and environmental issues.

He divides his book into two parts. The first explains what he calls the green value stream process and defines the seven green wastes. The second provides a step-by-step process for minimizing and eliminating each of those wastes.

The book also includes several resources: a green dictionary, web links and an environmental primer.

We are developing a line of books on lean and green issues. We currently offer Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Lean and Sustainability, a collection of articles previously published in the Association for Manufacturing Excellence’s Target magazine. And later this year we will publish Compression: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainability Through Vigorous Learning Enterprises by Robert “Doc” Hall of AME.

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