Do You Like Your Books Printed, Recorded or Electronic?

One of the challenges facing us at Productivity Press is that people increasingly want information available in a variety of formats, through many different channels. We are looking at how we can meet that demand for information.

Our goal is to provide information on business process improvement. We have traditionally done that by selling books – bound paper books. And we’re likely to continue selling such books for a long time.

But today, people don’t obtain information just by reading paper books. They listen to audio books. They download electronic books to their computers, iPods and Kindles.

Others like to browse online, visiting websites where they subscribe for periods of time to research the material there.

People gather information through social media – chat rooms, forums, blogs, networking websites.

I’m looking for feedback. How do you like to obtain information? What kinds of information products, or what methods of delivery, do you want?

Please post your answers as comments on this blog. Your input can help us chart a course for the future that will best meet your needs.

Thanks for your help.

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