Are There Any Online Lean Book Clubs?

My wife belongs to a book club, in which the members select a book, read it and then meet to discuss it.

That’s pretty common, and nowadays it is also increasingly common to create online book clubs or discussion groups. Some people might do it by forming a group on a site such as Yahoo. Others might use a site designed specifically for this purpose, such as Book Talk.

So I was wondering whether there might be a club or discussion group formed to talk about lean books. (Since we publish lean books, I’m curious to know what people are saying about them.)

One resource I’ve found is The Lean Library, which is the brainchild of Jamie Flinchbaugh, co-founder of the Lean Learning Center. The site offers lists of books, reviews and an Ask the Librarian section.

That seems like a good site, but a little different from the book club or discussion site I was thinking of.

Does anyone know of any such site? Is anyone interested in creating one?

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Dwane Lay said...

I've not found one (though admittedly I haven't looked all that hard), and have had little success on finding references on some topics when asking around sites like LinkedIn or Amazon.

I'd happily join and share the books I've enjoyed. Let's start one up!