Book Talk: The Basics of Performance Measurement, Second Edition

Certain basic books are the workhorses of publishing. They don’t get a lot of attention, but people like them and find them useful, and we sell plenty of copies year after year. That is because they contain solid, fundamental content.

But even a basic book deserves updating now and then. That is why we are issuing The Basics of Performance Measurement, Second Edition by Jerry L. Harbour.

First published in 1997, this well-known “little yellow book” – which is now blue – helped pioneer the science of performance measurement and continues to serve as an industry standard.

The book features a six-step method for developing a performance measurement system. It also shows how to design performance measurement families and how to build hierarchies tailored to different levels within an organization. And it covers collection and distribution, as well as the value of performance measure displays.

The new edition contains two additional chapters. One discusses units of measurement. The other introduces ways to better interpret what has been measured and then translate those measurement-related interpretations into actionable knowledge.

At only $14.95, this book delivers a lot of value. It gives you the confidence and the skill to go beyond the numbers, influence decisions, and make a difference.

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