Book Talk: Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed

The theory of constraints (TOC), popularized by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, has been a respected part of the improvement world for some time. We are now about to publish the first book that describes in detail the application of the TOC approach to assured availability in distribution, for both original equipment manufacturers and retailers.

Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed: Integrating the System from End to End by Eli Schragenheim and H. William Dettmer is a sequel to Manufacturing at Warp Speed, written by the same two authors and published nine years ago. The first book expressed ideas that were, at the time, cutting age, and were later adopted by Goldratt.

The new book addresses the performance issues of the entire supply chain. It addresses the new demands taken on when a firm offers to handle rush orders. It also reviews the issues surrounding availability and the management of inventory moving through distribution systems. The book is fully illustrated and includes examples, case studies and scenarios.

By the way, if you’d like to learn more about TOC, take a look at Beyond the Theory of Constraints: How to Eliminate Variation & Maximize Capacity, by William Levinson.

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