Book Talk: Fix Your Supply Chain

We publish several books that offer case studies of fictional companies to make their points. It can be a valuable technique, and it is put to good use in Fix Your Supply Chain: How to Create a Sustainable Lean Improvement Roadmap, by Paul Husby and Dan Swartwood.

Describing the fictional Twin City Manufacturing, the authors draw on their combined 70 years of supply-chain experience to explore successful supply chain improvement requirements and improvement methodologies, along with their strengths and limitations.

They provide a road map for supply-chain improvement, focusing on how to enable and sustain long-term change.

The authors also discuss the seven factors that they believe are key to operational excellence:

1. Top company leadership

2. Improvement methodology

3. Continuous improvement strategy

4. The cause and the vision

5. The Sustainable Improvement Roadmap

6. Enablement of sustainability

7. Constancy of purpose

Those of you focused on supply chains now have a rapidly growing selection of resources. Only two weeks ago, I discussed another new book Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed.

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