Book Talk: Something New From George Koenigsaecker

If you’ve been around the lean community for a while, you’ve probably heard of George Koenigsaecker, one its more prominent members.

He has an impressive track record of lean accomplishments at both The Danaher Corporation and The Hon Company, with Hon named to Industry Week’s list of the “World’s 100 Best Managed Firms.”

We are pleased to be publishing a new book George has written. In Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation, he presents the successful strategies and case histories of several key American leaders who have been instrumental in bringing lean to the forefront of various industries.

More to the point, the book is written to help executives determine right from wrong in a lean transformation.

With George’s record and reputation, I’m guessing this will be one of our more popular books. It is scheduled for publication in May, though orders can be placed now.

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Karen Wilhelm said...

So glad to hear George Koenigsaecker has finally written a book - He's one of the lesser-known pioneers and leaders of lean in North America.