Book Talk: Metrics-Based Process Mapping

We sell a few products that are not books. For example, we offer several videos on various aspects of lean.

One of our more unusual (for us) products is a software program we began selling last year. (I hope you’ll forgive me for discussing it in our “Book Talk” feature, even though it is not a book.)

The product, on CD-ROM, is Metrics-Based Process Mapping. Developed by Karen Martin and Mike Osterling (who are also the authors of The Kaizen Event Planner), this is an Excel-based program to help you map processes in office, service and technical environments (although it can be used to improve any cross-functional process).

It is more than just a tool to map a process. It combines mapping functionality with the time and quality metrics used in value stream mapping. For example, it features automated calculation of key performance metrics.

It enables you to electronically archive and distribute current- and future-state MBPMs created with paper and Post-it® notes.

Our website features a PowerPoint presentation showing the tool in action.

The program is based on Microsoft Excel 2003. It will not work with earlier versions of Excel, nor on Macintosh computers.

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