Book Talk: JIT Implementation Manual

Every now and then we publish a book that is not new, but is a reissue of a classic work. (One example occurred in 2002 when we published a commemorative edition of Henry Ford’s Today and Tomorrow.)

We are about to publish another such work: the six-volume JIT Implementation Manual. We believe the time may be right for a reissue of this comprehensive manual, known as the JIT Bible in Japan. And we are making it available in a more versatile and accessible paperback format.

Authored by consultant Hiroyuki Hirano, the manual is a detailed guide for setting up a just-in-time manufacturing program from start to finish. It includes more than 200 illustrations, checklists, charts, diagrams, and sample JIT management forms.

The first volume is a comprehensive introduction to JIT production. The next four cover Waste and the 5S’s; Flow Manufacturing; Leveling, and Standardized Operations. The final volume contains forms and charts.

In a recession (or any other time), having a short cycle time with low inventory can give you an edge over the competition. If you’re not too far along in your lean journey, this kind of detailed manual may be just what you need.

By the way, if you know of a book published in years past that you would like to see reissued – or if you’re just curious about a book you can’t find anymore – let us know.

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