What Is Missing from the Current Leadership Mindset?

This past June, Payal Nanjiani, published a thought-provoking book entitled Success Is Within: The 21 Ways for Achieving Results, Prosperity, and Fulfillment by Changing Your Leadership Mindset, which argues that success depends on changing one’s mindset in key ways. She essentially encourages business professionals to "mind the mind." 

I spoke with Payal this month and asked her, "What Is missing from the current leadership mindset?" Here is her complete response:

We are in an age where companies struggle to compete in today’s fast-paced, complex global economy where information about leadership, success, and business is right at the tip of our fingers. Resources are bountiful and communication is swift. Despite all of this, when we look around us, we only see a handful of people that reach the top of success in corporations and businesses. These are the people who achieve their goals and progress ahead. They lead fulfilled career lives. They not only survive, but they thrive in this challenging global economy.

The reason for this gap between the “successful few” and the “unsuccessful many” is not a matter of lack of passion, hard work, or training. Rather, the gap exists because the “unsuccessful many” have not applied the wisdom of the right techniques to achieve success. We all possess this wisdom, but we seldom tap into the right insight at the right time and the right place in our work-life. Tapping into the success within our selves makes all the difference in our end results. Wisdom must guide our thinking, our karma (actions), and our mindset. 

"Success Is Within" is my mantra. My new book presents 21 ways to activate this mantra, to achieve the success that is already within our selves. We must all claim the power of this mantra so that we activate wisdom. We must condition our minds to take control over our karmas (actions) so that we achieve our desired results. 

During a time when businesses and brands are being disrupted with great speed, our mindset is the only element that will help us navigate and define our place in a complex corporate world. Mindset is that hidden aspect within ourselves that shows up in our results. If we tap into it, then it gives us an edge over others. I believe that we are all destined to win regardless of our circumstances. We can all become the “successful few."

Whatever comes and goes in our professional lives, we can take strength from within ourselves, trust ourselves, and achieve unstoppable success. Once we take this strength, we achieve what we want and deserve: we achieve results, prosperity, and fulfillment. We become leaders who have changed our mindsets to move from becoming the “unsuccessful many” to become the “successful few.”

What do you think about Payal's ideas on attuning our minds with specific actions?  Do you agree that "success comes from external factors" is a prevailing myth?

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Unknown said...

I do agree that "success comes from external factors" is a myth. I believe this is proven by the number of businesses that have found success during economically difficult times. I believe that if a person has the motivation to achieve that they will. It may not happen with a persons first attempt but it may take many tries. Steve Jobs is a big inspiration for me as he is for many. He helped start Apple in a garage and when that company found success he stepped away for some time. In that time he helped bring Pixar to what it is today, becoming one of, if not the, most successful animation studios before returning to Apple to grow it to one of the most successful companies in the world. He could've stepped away after his first stint with Apple and lived off of what he made but he had the desire to achieve in himself which would lead to the development and growth of two mega companies.