NYU Langone Medical Center Embraces Lean & Six Sigma

The NYU Langone Medical Center partnered with the Institute for Management and Executive Development (IMED) at the Rutgers University School of Business in Camden, New Jersey to become a "world-class" and "patient-centered" medical facility according to this article on the Rutgers University Continuing Studies site.

Martin Costa, the director of Organizational Development and Learning at NYU Langone Medical Center, is now the director of the new Lean Management Office as well. He states that, other than the benefits of waste-reducing pilot projects and increased operational efficiency, "we are creating a different atmosphere here in terms of how people identify, address, and collaborate on solutions." It appears this initiative is not focusing merely on cost-saving activities, but creating a cross-functional, team based culture.

In addition, it seems change is occurring from the top down -- Martin points out that “one of the most valuable gains is a deeper knowledge of how to be effective as a leader of change.”

Can any Lean initiatives sustain if the leadership of an organization does not embrace and direct the culture change?


Eric Harris said...

Getting real leadership support is always tough for any process improvement initiative. I have see numerous Six Sigma initiatives simply fail because leadership was not actively engaged fairly early in the process. That being said, I have seen Lean initiatives that were started 100% bottom up, with little or no high level support, succeed and succeed in a big way. Eventually leadership support has to be there, but I think results come faster and with less risk with lean. Once real results are seen by leadership, they tend to get on board

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