Three Free Videos on Integrating Lean and Green

I recently viewed this three-part video series by Carlos Venegas (author of the book Flow in the Office) on the Straus Forest website. Carlos concisely discusses and illustrates the integration of Lean and Green. In addition, he includes this 12-point tip sheet directed specifically to environmental, health and safety (EH&S) professionals.

One of the most important points is discussed by Jennifer Tice (from
Ross & Associates) in the third video titled "How Lean and Green Can Go Viral" -- although particular pilot projects might be limited in scope in regard to improvements, the awareness and empowerment gained by front-line employees might have a "ripple effect." That is, these employees begin to scrutinize their other daily processes with a "Lean eye" and begin to see waste as well as improvement opportunities that they did not think about previously.

What is your opinion of these videos?

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Tim McMahon said...

Nice post. Thanks for sharing this resource. Now I'll have to plan some time to review.

Tim McMahon
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