The Kanban Business is Thriving

With the risk of sounding like an advertisement for a particular company, I was happy to read this article detailing the 2009 successes of web-based kanban tool provider Ultriva. It appears that this slow economic environment hasn't hindered the company's growth. Essentially, I appreciated the implication of this article: even this tough economy has not distracted many manufacturers' with complex and intricate global supply chains from focusing on reducing the massive waste and improving efficiency.

Any company that expands it operations into culturally and technologically diverse regions introduce a whole range of new procurement, distribution, time, security, and scalability problems. In addition, one of the most common roadblocks I hear about is the integration of a kanban methodology into an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system because lean is action-oriented while ERP is data-driven. Have you addressed and overcome these problems? Has your company reconciled the use of lean principles and scheduling software?

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