Book Talk: Lean Book Gift Ideas for the Holidays

What lean book would you give for the holidays this year?

There are many different types of lean books, and what you buy for a particular person depends on who they are and what they would find interesting or useful – not just on whether the book is good.

So I’ll offer some suggestions in different categories. But I encourage you to post comments with alternative suggestions.

Healthcare: We now have a sizable number of books for those in healthcare, including Healthcare Delivery in the USA, Lean Hospitals, Health Care Will Not Reform Itself and Pursuing Excellence in Healthcare, as well as a variety of healthcare books that do not have a lean focus. For those seeking something for training purposes, consider 5S for Healthcare, the first in a new series of such materials, or Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare Made Easy. Also, some soon-to-be-available books include Optimizing Emergency Department Throughput and Successful Collaboration in Healthcare.

Green and Lean: Green Intentions and Compression are the two books we have published so far about the relationship between lean principles and sustainability. Both are works that could prove fascinating to anyone interested in this area.

High-Level Lean: We have many books for those in the highest leadership positions (check our Leadership – Strategy section). Our newer books include Flexibility: Flexible Companies for the Uncertain World by Gil Eapen and Critical Success Factors Simplified by Marvin Howell.

Information Technology: We publish several IT-related books, including Lean Six Sigma Secrets for the CIO, A Tale of Two Systems, Lean Performance ERP Project Management, and Lean Software Strategies.

Accounting and Metrics: An important and often overlooked area. Recent publications include Making the Numbers Count and The Basics of Performance Measurement, Second Edition.

Training: Our Shopfloor books are always a good bet. Also browse through our sections of 5S and Visual Controls, Mistake Proofing, Quick Changeover, TPM and Value Stream Management.

Case Studies: Our newest book in this area is Mr. Lean Buys and Transforms a Manufacturing Company. Consider also our Insights on Implementation series, as well as Andy & Me, which is fictional, but an enjoyable and educational novel.

I’ve only skimmed the surface of our hundreds of products. Please add your own recommendations.

Happy shopping!


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