Book Talk: Flexibility

Corporations like the future to be predictable so planning is easier, but that’s not the way the world works. Life is full of uncertainty, and businesses have to be prepared to deal with it.

A new book scheduled for publication next week by our sister division CRC Press addresses this issue. In Flexibility: Flexible Companies for the Uncertain World, author Gill Eapen contends that the best way to manage effectively in an uncertain world is through the conscious application of flexibility — an ability to absorb constantly shifting variables and adapt quickly. He Presents specific ways to improve performance, reduce risk, and improve the probability of long-term organizational success

Eapen is the founder and managing principal of consulting firm Decision Options. He has worked with dozens of companies, including Fortune 100 companies, and is also the author of Decision Options, The Art and Science of Making Decisions.

This is a thoughtful, high-level book that anyone involved in strategic planning may find well worth reading.

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