Book Talk: Total Productive Maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance probably doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. It is a critically important part of a lean strategy, but it is not as exciting or dramatic as some other aspects of lean. However, TPM – when properly implemented – can produce significant benefits of reduced downtime, lower maintenance or repair costs, and increased capacity.

We publish numerous books about TPM and the TPM-related metric of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). If machines are an important part of your operations, then TPM should be as well, and you may want to consider one or more of these books:

In addition, our Shopfloor series of training manuals includes books on TPM, autonomous maintenance and focused equipment improvement, some of which come in versions for supervisors and/or learning packages.

We also have a new book coming out next year, The OEE Primer: Understanding Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Reliability, and Maintainability .

Do you have a question or comment about a book(s) that you would like addressed in Book Talk? Email me directly at Ralph.bernstein@taylorandfrancis.com.

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