The Best Sources of Information About the Toyota Production System

A question posted recently on LinkedIn asked about sources of information regarding the Toyota Production System.

I was pleased to see 20 responses to the question, with the recommendations including several books we publish.

The Productivity Press books suggested include Toyota Production System by Taiichi Ohno, Lean Production Simplified, Second Edition by Pascal Dennis, Value Stream Management by Don Tapping, Tom Luyster and Tom Shuker, several of the books by Shigeo Shingo, and even Today and Tomorrow by Henry Ford. And there were more.

Other recommendations (beyond our books) featured works by Jeffrey Liker, James Womack, Daniel Jones, John Shook, Richard Schonberger, and several others.

I thought I would ask the question of those of you who read this blog (which presumably includes people knowledgeable about lean).

What is your best source of information about lean or the Toyota Production System? I’ll even divide that into a couple of more specific questions: What is your best source of information on the concepts and principles, and what is your best source of how-to or training material?

Please join the discussion by posting your comments below.

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Jason Yip said...

Visiting a Toyota plant and asking the people there; talking directly to Ohno disciples (while they're still alive); talking to 10+ years Toyota veterans