Book Talk: Insights on Implementation Series

Some of you may remember Lean Manufacturing Advisor, a monthly paid-subscription newsletter we used to publish. (I was the editor.)

LMA ceased publication four years ago, the victim of declining circulation caused primarily by competition from free information on the Internet. But much of the content lives on.

We took many of the articles that had been appeared in LMA and published them as a series of books, each one a compilation of articles in a particular subject area. We call the series “Insights on Implementation.”

These inexpensive paperbacks ($15.95 each) are not manuals or how-to books. Most of the articles are case studies, descriptions of how companies have applied lean concepts and tools. Their primary value might be in helping you become aware of possibilities, and the many different ways lean can benefit your company.

The books are:

· Lean Culture

· The Lean Office

· Lean Supply Chain

· Visual Tools

· Improving Flow


Each one has the subtitle “Collected Practices and Cases.”

They are easy to read and, I hope, can enrich your appreciation of the value of lean practices.

Do you have a question or comment about a book(s) that you would like addressed in Book Talk? Email me directly at Ralph.bernstein@taylorandfrancis.com.

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