Book Talk: Compression

I believe Compression: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainability Through Vigorous Learning Enterprises, a new book we have coming out next month, is an important work, for two reasons.

First, this book addresses the timely and significant issue of sustainability, and how approaching the problem with a lean mindset offers the greatest opportunity for developing solutions. The main emphasis of the book is on what leaders can do to change the mindset of stakeholders at all levels.

Second, the author of the book is Dr. Robert W. Hall, founding member of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, former editor of AME’s Target magazine, and a widely respected leader of the lean movement. We are delighted to have “Doc” Hall as an author, and believe his decades of experience and insight make this book a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge on both lean and sustainability.

If your company is confronting the challenges of sustainability, and/or is embarking on a lean journey, you may wish to add this book to your library.

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