Lean Resolutions: Respect for People

Last year at this time, I posted a list of lean resolutions designed to help increase the chance of success of your lean initiatives.

As I look back on those, it occurs to me that the majority of them focused on doing lean right from a conceptual or technical standpoint. Only a few touched on the very important lean concept of respect for people.

The holiday season tends to be a time when we try to pay a little more attention to treating others well. In keeping with that spirit, this year I offer a list of resolutions (in no particular order) on Lean Respect for People.

I will try to treat others with civility and courtesy.
I will listen to what others have to say.
I will give my subordinates real authority to solve problems.
When problems arise, I will consider first whether the cause is the process rather than the person.
In evaluating performance, I will focus on objective metrics rather than subjective opinions.
I will work to help others improve their skills.
I will try to learn from criticism without getting defensive.
I will try to address complaints without getting defensive.
I will spend more time listening than talking.
I will try to remember that it’s not about me.

If you can think of additional resolutions, add them below. Happy New Year!


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