Lean and Green in Connecticut

The conntact website (an online Connecticut business news journal) features a fine article on how the Connecticut State Technology Extension Program (ConnSTEP) worked with the state of Connecticut to develop a two-day event that helps companies become more sustainable by prioritizing and implementing green initiatives.

According to the article, three area companies -- Uretek of New Haven, Cooper-Atkins Corp. of Middlefield, and R.C. Bigelow of Fairfield -- are the first participants in the "program that would help develop new jobs in emerging industries such as energy efficiency, alternative energy development and production, and other environmentally friendly fields."

The article details the strides these companies have made toward reducing both physical and dollar waste. One of the most important aspects, as Judy Wlodarczyk (director of environmental and energy services for ConnSTEP) points out, is introducing companies to "a holistic, integrated approach to the manufacturing process."

Feel free to comment on these companies' improvements as detailed in the article. Do you believe they are on the right track?

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