Book Talk: Critical Success Factors Simplified

What are the critical success factors for your business? If you’re not sure, a new book we are publishing later this month could be helpful.

Critical Success Factors Simplified: Implementing the Powerful Drivers of Dramatic Business Improvement simplifies the identification, measurement, and use of CSFs to successfully implement strategies, manage projects, and improve processes. It provides effective measurement techniques for tracking progress, highlighting problem areas, and facilitating improvements.

The book highlights key indicators for determining the appropriate course of action, then demonstrates how to use these indicators to achieve success in anything from deploying strategic initiatives and managing a process or a project, to recruiting, playing blackjack, or buying a house.

Critical Success Factors Simplified is written by Marvin T. Howell, also the author of Actionable Performance Measurement – A Key to Success. He is a professional engineer, a retired Lt. Colonel, USAF, in the Air Force Civil Engineer division, and a consultant with his own quality and industrial engineering company.

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