SME Creates Online Lean Community

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers has come up with a new way for lean practitioners to connect online.

It is called the
Lean Registry, described by SME as a free community connection and collaboration space. According to an SME news release, this online community “allows users to post needs/expertise directly to their profile, create virtual groups and make safe connections more easily. You can search through shared profiles to find who might match your need and send an invitation to connect. You control if/when you accept a connection and/or share contact info.”

The Registry is an outgrowth of a Lean Certification program developed in 2005. The concept for the Registry was developed at that time because

The Lean Certification program includes knowledge-testing, experience portfolio and mentoring. Candidates progressing to the Silver or Gold levels must demonstrate that they have mentored and trained others along the way. Practitioners frequently need to look outside their company to get mentoring and support. Besides hosting events, how else could we foster meaningful connection in the context of lean 24/7?

How else? Well, there are other websites that attempt to create lean communities, ranging from Yahoo groups to those of some lean businesses or non-profit groups.

But it never hurts to have another, and the Lean Registry looks reasonably good. If SME does a good job of promoting and maintaining the site, it could be a valuable resource. I wish them luck.

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