Lean Fishing?

Here’s one I hadn’t heard before.

            The Marine Fisheries Agency, a branch of the British government, has announced a series of grants intended to modernize and enhance the competitiveness of England’s fishing industry.

            The 39 grants total £3,000,000 and include everything from small-scale vessel modernizations to major port improvements.

            But buried in the list is this: £31,000 to something called SFIA in Edinburgh for the introduction of lean six sigma techniques to the industry.

            That’s not a lot of money, and the news release doesn’t explain what SFIA is. However, I’m always glad to see lean embraced – even in a small, tentative way – by a new industry.

            It makes you wonder: Where will these lean six sigma efforts focus? On what fishermen do while out on the water? On how the fish are processed once the ship returns to port? Intriguing.

            Can you think of other industries where lean is not currently being applied and where it could be valuable? I’d like to focus on industries you wouldn’t normally think of as candidates for lean. (Of course, it’s hard to think of an industry where lean would NOT be valuable, but some industries might hold greater potential than others.)

            Fish has always been praised as a source of lean protein. Now that phrase might take on a whole new meaning.



Ralph Bernstein said...

6/28/2007 5:00:44 PM
Re: Lean Fishing?
By: bigchristye

One would hope that the lean / sigma effort is not being utilised into a misguided attempt to make the actual fishing more efficient?

Surely the most significant problem with fishing is just that. Fishing/hunting. Not farming. Farming fish in some way must be the long term solution rather than trying to be more efficient in catching the ever dwindling fish stock.

One would therefore naturally hope this money is utilised in an appropriate way to maintain the fish stocks at at sustainable level?

This would logically be the leanest way, rather than improving the way we "pull" fish out of the sea?

Anonymous said...

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